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You are unquestionably a work of art, no matter the size or shape of your breasts.
But if it’s breast enhancement you want, look to Dr. Akers. His artistic touch has helped many women achieve the look they want and increased the confidence they feel.

Ask Dr. Akers today about how you can get the fuller, shapelier figure you desire.
Choose from a variety of breast-enhancement procedures, including advanced enlargement techniques for a softer, more natural look and feel. And if you’re considering a breast lift or reduction, he offers revolutionary techniques that achieve outstanding results and minimize scarring.

Breast enhancement involves the reshaping of the patient's breasts through the use of plastic surgery. The surgeon combines various procedures to alter the shape of the breast. The most common procedures are breast augmentation, breast lifts, reconstruction and breast reduction.

Breast Augmentation
Used to increase the size and / or alter the shape of a woman's breasts through the use of an artificial implant, women may choose to have this operation either as a reconstructive technique following breast surgery, to balance different sized breasts, or to enhance the contours of the body. Whatever the specific purpose, women who undergo breast augmentation can expect larger, firmer, and more visually satisfying breasts.

Breast Lift
Over time, the natural aging process can cause a woman's breasts to sag and lose their shape. A breast lift, or mastopexy, is a surgical procedure that reshapes and cosmetically alters a woman's breasts. After the procedure, women can expect firmer, more shapely and youthful looking breasts.

Breast Reduction
Breast reduction, or reduction mammoplasty, is designed for women who experience medical problems due to uncomfortable breasts. Problems may include back and neck pain, skin irritation, skeletal deformities, and breathing problems. Although the procedure is typically used to alleviate medical problems, it can also help women who feel self-conscious about the size of their breasts.

Breast Reconstruction
For many women diagnosed with breast cancer mastectomy, or breast removal, is an unfortunate and inescapable option. Women who have undergone this surgery can choose to have breast reconstruction. This procedure recreates the size and shape of the patient's natural breast and can renew a woman's sense of beauty and femininity.

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